A precision laser-trimmed voltage reference (LT1021) serves as the backbone of this discrete design,..


A high definition USB DACZodiac is a high definition USB digital to analog converter designed to enr..


Zodiac Gold is Antelope's flagship USB D/A converter, providing exquisite audiophile sound. The DAC ..


PROFESSIONAL FEATURESAdded flexibility for the professional user makes for a distinctly powerful dev..


Amplifier Structure : True digital signal path, Class-D Power Structure : Soft-Start circuit, Single..


Size: High 80.15mm x Width 20.4mm x Depth 18.1mmFrequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz): +0.04dB, ..


If your various audio equipment, cables, speakers, listening room are not working with each other th..


Burson's HA-160D 3 in 1 unit has been warmly received by fellow audiophiles since 2010. Since then, ..


When something is designed with ideals and custom made the old school way, the end result will alway..


The HA-160D was built as an all in one machine that fits from a desktop audio setup to a full sized ..


Amplifier Structure : Class-A / B amplifierPower Structure : USB or external power supplyHeadphone I..


The ideal solution to hold your cute series in 1 single solid package.This rack system can hold up t..


Amplifier Structure : Low pass filter with 2Vrms outputPower Structure : Virtual-Ground power supply..


Size: Height 63.65mm x Width 20.4mm x Depth 18.1mmSupport to 96kHz/ 24BitUSB Interface (A type) Male..


Amplifier Structure: High current/swing output amplifier, four step bias controlPower Structure: Hig..


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