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LEAR Custom Monitors are all designed, fine-tuned and made in Hong Kong.
There are three series: LCM1, LCM2 and LCM3.
The number represents the amount of drivers inside the earphones.

Each series has a "F" -Flat, "C" -Crystal Clear and "B" -Bass sound style.
There are total 9 styles in the LCM series, choose the one that suits your own style,
use them as your personal music earphone or on stage!

Product Specifications:

  • LCM-3B

Deep, rich, warm and powerful bass, if you enjoy with extremely bass sound, you must get this for sure!

  • Frequency response: 20~16kHz
  • Impedance : 47 ohm @1000 Hz
  • Sensitivity : 114dB
  • Driver: Triple Balanced armature
Useful Information
  •     NEW CIEM BUILD TIME : 4-6 Weeks
  •     FREE REFIT SERVICE PERIOD : 1 year (Excluding remaking of shell)
  •     WARRANTY: 1year

Introducing LEAR's semi-hard shell.

This material is now available for parts (canal, body, and faceplate) , or the whole earphones.

Additional HKD$498 for the semi-hard shell on LEAR LCM 1-BD4.2 or re-shells.


  • Better fitting & sealing, hence more comfortable;
  • Anti-sliding surface;
  • Better isolation;
  • Impact resistance.

The LCM/LUF series can be modified to support the MMCX jack

Color can be customized in Left/Right and the following 3 parts: faceplate, body, canal

The LCM series are both customizable with Metallic/True Texture/True Wood/Imaginary color/Denim/Mono Laser Engraving faceplate artwork (additional each HKD$398)!
Choose to faceplate artwork :

Engraving (single color)
Pictures or words may be engraved on the faceplate. Designs and colors may be different on either sides.
Price: HKD 398 for both sides

(Please provide your own file: JPG, JPEG,PNG etc.)

Custom blink HKD$1000

New High Definition custom color printing artwork service is now available for reshell/CM/LUF series!
Extra $688 per pair!

Custom metalic artwork HKD$688

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