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It has been some time since the release of LEAR’s LCM-5. 
Thanks to everyone’s support, the LCM-5 received positive reviews and recognition all around the globe.
Not only has this increased the exposure of our brand, it enabled us to gather invaluable opinions and criticism of users.  This further prompted us to develop the LUF (LEAR Universal Fit) series, the non-custom option that has been specifically designed to satisfy popular demand!

The acoustic quality that LUF-4F offers is only second to the LCM-5.  While the LCM-5 is currently unavailable as an in-store sample, the LUF-4F is one of the best options for those who wish to try before they buy!
The 4B is engineered to satisfy those who wish to add upon the natural, balanced sounds of the 4F with weighty, seismic bass.
Or, if you long for clarity, high level of detail and lusciousness in the sounds you hear, then the 4C will not disappoint!
The LUF-4 series can be upgraded at anytime after purchase to the custom fitted LCM-4 for those who wish to take their acoustic experience to the next level!

The LEAR LUF-4 series will be priced at HKD$4338 (with the 3 colour options of solid black/solid blue/solid red; also customizable with the colour options and artwork, i.e. True Texture, of the LCM series for a further 2-3 weeks in crafting)
The LCM-4 will be priced at HKD$5688  The two series is now available  and in-store(HK only) test drives !

The LEAR LUF-4 and LCM-4 series are developed and crafted in Hong Kong!  Purchase includes a 1-year local repair warranty, and a 7-day replacement period!

Product Specifications:
  • LCM-4B
The blend of warm, bass and bodied acoustic experience that the 4B offers is unparalleled by anything that LEAR has offered to date!  These monitors produce seismic bass while retaining impressive clarity and detail!  The 4B is an impeccable choice for pop music and those with a strong beat.
  • Frequency response: 20~20kHz
  • Impedance: 22ohm @1000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 120dB @1mW
  • Driver: 4 Balanced armature (1 low,2 mid,1high)
  • Crossover: Passive 3 way

Useful Information

  • NEW CIEM BUILD TIME : 4-6 Weeks
  • FREE REFIT SERVICE PERIOD : 1 year (Excluding remaking of shell)
  • WARRANTY: 1year

Introducing LEAR's semi-hard shell.

This material is now available for parts (canal, body, and faceplate) , or the whole earphones.

Additional HKD$498 for the semi-hard shell on LEAR LCM 1-BD4.2 or re-shells.


  • Better fitting & sealing, hence more comfortable;
  • Anti-sliding surface;
  • Better isolation;
  • Impact resistance.

The LCM/LUF series can be modified to support the MMCX jack (additional HKD$280)

Color can be customized in Left/Right and the following 3 parts: faceplate, body, canal

The LCM series are both customizable with Metallic/True Texture/True Wood/Imaginary color/Denim/Mono Laser Engraving  faceplate artwork (additional each HKD$398)!
Choose to faceplate artwork :

Engraving (single color)
Pictures or words may be engraved on the faceplate.  Designs and colors may be different on either sides.
Price: HKD 398 for both sides

(Please provide your own file: JPG, JPEG,PNG etc.)

Custom blink HKD$1000

New High Definition custom color printing artwork service is now available for reshell/CM/LUF series!
Extra $688 per pair!

Custom metalic artwork HKD$688

Special deal
  • LEAR AC-1 premium metallic case x 1: extra HKD299 (original price HKD 368)

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