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LCM-5 is the latest masterpiece from LEAR and which is built and designed with 5 drivers ,3 ways crossover and 3 individual sound bore.
The precision matched 1 low ,2 mid and 2 high drivers with the proper created passive 3 way crossover, which ensure the lowest full band distortion and group delay from the drivers and passive component itself.
3 individual sound tube to separate the different frequency between the driver's output.
To ensure the most comfortable and accurate sound,we tuned the LCM-5 under the actual hearing concept,which the listening experience is similar to what you can hear from the actual environment!
The LCM-5 will impress you by the most natural and balanced sound which you may never imagined!

However,LCM-5 is not just limited to the natural and balanced style,It is also designed for professional who would need a pair of studio monitor sound like in-ear earphone (to replace the poor sealing Headphones)and works for their musical job like mixing and monitoring.
To achieve the needs of both natural and extremely crystal clear monitor sound style,a special tuned cable adapter called"Studio Monitor Sound Tuned Adapter" is available in optional . 
Just simply plug into it and you will be happy with the benefit from the switchable design!

Mixing,monitoring and music enjoyment is just that simple and efficiency than ever

We are proud to said that the LCM-5 is designed ,tuned and made in HongKong!

The Optional "Monitor Sound tuned adapter" $688 (Highly recommended for mixing and monitoring)

Adding the "Monitor Sound Tuned Adapter" onto the shell  as a adjustable knob design +$600

20Hz~20kHz Impedance of LCM-5(Standard version)

  • Frequency response: 20~20kHz
  • Impedance : 28ohm @1000 Hz
  • Sensitivity : 122dB @1mW
  • THD Ratio: Below 0.6% (20~10kHz)
  • Driver: 5 Balanced armature (1 low,2 mid,2high)
  • Crossover: Passive 3 way

(Note: Due to continuing product improvement, specification and design are subject to change without notice.)

The Optional "Monitor Sound tuned adapter" $688 (Highly recommended for mixing and monitoring),
the default length of cable is about 10CM(optional for other inquiry),the male plug could be 3.5mm or 6.3mm!

Useful Information

  • NEW CIEM BUILD TIME : 4-6 Weeks
  • FREE REFIT SERVICE PERIOD : 1 year (Excluding remaking of shell)
  • WARRANTY: 1year

Introducing LEAR's semi-hard shell.

This material is now available for parts (canal, body, and faceplate) , or the whole earphones.

Additional HKD$498 for the semi-hard shell on LEAR LCM 1-BD4.2 or re-shells.


  • Better fitting & sealing, hence more comfortable;
  • Anti-sliding surface;
  • Better isolation;
  • Impact resistance.

The LCM/LUF series can be modified to support the MMCX jack (additional HKD$280)

Color can be customized in Left/Right and the following 3 parts: faceplate, body, canal

The LCM series are both customizable with Metallic/True Texture/True Wood/Imaginary color/Denim/Mono Laser Engraving  faceplate artwork (additional each HKD$398)!
Choose to faceplate artwork :

Engraving (single color)
Pictures or words may be engraved on the faceplate.  Designs and colors may be different on either sides.
Price: HKD 398 for both sides

(Please provide your own file: JPG, JPEG,PNG etc.)

Custom blink HKD$1000

New High Definition custom color printing artwork service is now available for reshell/CM/LUF series!
Extra $688 per pair!

Custom metalic artwork HKD$688

Special deal
  • LEAR AC-1 premium metallic case x 1: extra HKD299 (original price HKD 368)

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