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TWau Reference v2:

So how to improve on a GREAT wire? I didn't want to change the gauge since many like the size that it's currently at. So I turn to a LITZ design. This added a better definition to the sound making it even more dynamic. The results are smooth, detailed and better overall performance over the first version. A true industry standard. 


To add even a better performance and look, there is a black nylon already applied to the wire. This CAN BE REMOVED if you wish. For headphones, I highly recommend the nylon. C/IEMs will most likely benefit from us removing the nylon sleeve. 

TWau Reference in General:

In 2009, I set out to discover the best design and definitely the best materials. I was rejected by everyone that saw my specs on how to make my new wire; Twau Reference. Finally someone took this task on and failed many times. Well I didn’t give up and finally 2 manufactures teamed up to create the first exclusive Whiplash Audio REFERENCE level wire!! This new wire is gold plated silver. This is NOT an alloy mix with 1% gold blended. My silver wire strands are produced and sent to a professional plating company which plates the gold onto the silver stands. The gold plated strands are sent back and assembled with a HIGH strand count. The final product is a 26awg stranded UPOCC gold plated silver. The results surpassed even my expectations. With this said, I need feedback. Samples were sent to some of the best ears I know of. EVER one and I mean EVER one said “WOW”. This includes the Pro market, well respected consumers, headphone manufactures and well known artists. This is my reference which I want to offer to the audio community.

Results: A total approach to how music needs to be reproduced representing and respecting how live music is meant to be heard. The best word to describe it is cohesive. It pull togethers all of the previous designs that I have made our cables pinnacle in this marketplace and elevated it to a totally new level. Better transients, details, black notes and well just plain better music. I can go on and on. This wire is not for everyone since the cost of this wire is expensive. This new development and experience is meant for those seeking the best of the best!!!

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